About a bird or a tiger

The tiger, a type of waterfowl, is called the Cormorant or Shag. The scientific name Phalacrocoracidae has about 40 species. The raptors usually live on the coast but are often found in rivers and lakes. The pigeon and the tiger are close. Fish are also known as fishing birds because they often catch and eat fish.

It is a large bird with skin between its toes. The size can range from 18 to 39 inches. All reptiles have strong, long beaks and wings. The beak of the beak. The scent of the tail is as wide as a slightly opened hut. Usually, the color is brown; Black They are white and yellowish, and they are yellow. Orange, There is also blue.

Most bats can be submerged in the water for long periods of time. Swimming has four toes and uses flat, flat feet. When flying, they catch fish near the surface and catch fish after flying. Otherwise, he would wait on the tree branch and wait for the fish to appear. They often crave for food. Fish are usually eaten, but sometimes they are eaten by fish and snakes.

When diving in the water and searching for food, some large birds reach up to 150 feet deep. It is possible that the wings of the crows are less likely to be submerged after diving into the water because of the water’s ability to swim. In a panic, he was immersed under the water and tied to his head. Diving is good, but it rarely lasts more than 70 seconds. Fishing is fast. The food you eat usually comes on the water before it is swallowed. Food is usually swallowed from the head.

Arising from the water, they hit the wings with wings, not only the feet but also the feet. In flight, the elbows are stretched forward, then the wings are flown at regular intervals. It flies straight in the air. When they are quiet, they rest on the water; He often rests on the shore, on the rocks, and on the trees. During such breaks, the wings are spread out. When they walk on land, they often stumble upon themselves like a large owl. But it is only a short walk away. As she swims in, she straightens her head and dips herself.

The nests are good for about 20 feet tall, and they are good. Lakes; Among the rocks are the boughs of the fir tree; Bone It is usually built with ladders. When the egg is white and the egg is laid, it does not lie to the empty egg. When the eggs reach puberty, the mother usually feeds the fish in sufficient size to eat the fish. The average life expectancy of a crow is 25 years.

Humans from all over the world are harnessing the ability of tiger cubs. From ancient times Egypt, Korea, Korea Chinese In Japan, Peru and India, they used this method. Cormorant fishing has been practiced in Japan and China to date, with fishermen making their living. When he was ordered to do so, he tied the neck of a crow and released it into the water. This allows the fish to swallow when the larger fish are caught and the birds are allowed to eat smaller fish.

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