World-renowned Business Awards

As new technologies emerge in the 21st century, businessmen are increasingly competing for the use of emerging technologies, both locally and globally. As businesspeople seek to shine a spotlight on improving their business, world-class organizations reward businesses for recognizing their efforts.

Group photop the winners during Ceremony Women in Business Awarads during Word Investment Forum 2018. UNCTAD Photo/ Jean Marc Ferré

This is not just for start-up businesses, but for start-up companies. Small businesses can also win prizes if they meet the criteria depending on the business from the region to the international level. Businesses such as The Stevie International Business Awards, The Fortune Global 500, The Best in Biz Awards, The Big Awards for Business and the World’s Best Multinational Workplaces are among the most prestigious international awards.

The Stevie® Awards, one of the largest in the industry, began in 2002 and is one of the world’s premier business awards, serving the interests of the community. It is recognized by many. It is a great honor to honor only the most impartial organizations in international affairs. So far, the Stevie Gold Award has been awarded to organizations and individuals from more than 60 countries. After 2012, the Silver and Bronze Stevie Awards were introduced as the 10th anniversary of the Stevie Awards.

Organizations from across the country can compete for the Stevie® Awards. Whether small or small. Be it big business. Whether public or private; Private or public whether profit organization It is open to all non-profit organizations. There were over 4,000 applicants from organizations from 74 countries. In the fall of the year in 2013, Mytel, the latest telecoms operator to enter Myanmar, competed with such great organizations for the year, and recently announced the Stevie® Awards and one silver medal in the competition.

Mytel won the Stevie® Awards in the Mobile Marketing Campaign of the Year category and the “Stevie® Awards” under the “Communications or PR Campaign of the Year – New Product or Service Launch” category. Recently, Mytel became one of the first telecommunications operators to bring 5G to Myanmar and has now managed to win two of the world’s most acclaimed awards. Mytel is also known for his continued efforts to promote growth in the future, and as a Myanmar citizen, he is proud to be able to showcase internationally innovative and unique technology to Myanmar.