A film starring Charlie Blair

Great Dictator is a 1940s American comedy film that is a comedy about world politics. The story, the script, The director, who plays the main character, is a well-known comedian, Charlie Chaplin, who plays Charlie on a regular basis and plays the role of Nazi leader Hitler.

It also became the first silent film in Hollywood at the time, and became the first original voice-over film for Charlie Chaplin.

The Great Dictator cost $ 2 million (about $ 36 million now), and returns $ 5 million (about $ 89 million today), both economically and artistically. Here are some of the highlights of the Great Dictator movie.

The Great Dictator filmed a series of controversial stories by Hitler, Mussolini fascists and Nazi leaders, and was viewed as an outrage for the German and Italian authorities. Significantly, when the Great Dictator was released, relations between the United States and Germany remained peaceful.

Great Dictator has been a record-breaking hit for fans, as well as being the highest grossing film in all of its films, as well as its director, script, music, and main character. In 1997, Great Dictator was selected as the Legacy of the American National Film Industry by the Library of Congress in Washington, DC. Great Dictator is a production award, Best Actor, and Best Actress. Screenplay Award She was nominated for five Oscar nominations for the Oscar for Best Actress and Actor.

In his biography of Charlie Blair, published in 1964, he admitted that he would not have made the film as if it were a documentary about the evil of Nazism. Hitler’s Great Dictator, known only about the film, was banned in Germany but not in all Nazi-influenced countries.

However, Hitler himself has seen the film twice, and received no comment except a few laughs. For this reason, Charlie Blair says that if you look at the Great Dictator movie, you will surely get an idea, but Hitler seems to be thinking of going to war.

While the Great Dictator was being filmed, Hitler’s Nazi forces began the European War. When he heard about the Nazi atrocities, he said that he was appalled by his portrayal of Hitler. When the Nazis invaded France, Charlie Chaplin ended with his famous anti-dictatorial speech, which is popular today, instead of the end of the original film.

Charlie’s speech was so meaningful that it was successful until it was re-broadcasted on US radio. While filming the speech, Charlie was blinking frequently and had to work hard. While filming the speech, the film crew convinced Charlie not to talk about peace.

Charlie, however, refused. At that point, a mechanic said that Charlie’s words were “worth millions of dollars,” and Charlie Platt said he would give $ 5 million to the man and would not say it. (Charlie’s $ 5 million mark seems to be a reference to his earnings when the Great Dictator film debuted.)

The Great Dictator was released in Spain only after 1975. Because Spain was under the command of military dictator Franciso Franco, it was only reported in April 1976 that he died. In Italy, though, it was also possible to play the Great Dictator, but Napoleon’s wife’s room was cut off. This is because he defends an innocent Italian man in respect of the dictatorial dictator Mussolini. It was only in 2002 that the full movie version of the Great Dictator was released in Italy.

Charlie Palmer admits that the Nazi uniforms, while wearing the film, felt that he had an active and hostile spirit and that it was difficult to get back to the day-to-day work he did. German Jews say that Dictator comes from a Jewish language all over the world known as Esperanto, and that Jewish cookies are often used as symbols in shops. The Esperanto language is a Polish Jew, Dr.L.L. Zamenhof was founded in 1887.

Douglas Fairbanks, also an American actor, came to see the film in 1939 and enjoyed a laugh. At the end of the movie, I greeted my friend Charlie Blair and returned home. This was the last time Charlie had ever been in a relationship with Charlie. Douglas Fairbanks died just a week later.

At that time, US President Franklin D. Roosevelt also threatened to tighten ties with Germany while filming Great Britain’s anti-Nazi film Great Dictator, and sent his personal correspondent Harry Hopkins to stop filming, but Charlie refused.

At the end of World War II, US Army General Dwight D. Eisenhower had requested that the Great Dictator be released in French in honor of the victorious Allies. During the film, Charlie introduces his wife, Paulette Goddard, to the role of a cleaning worker and to actually wash the floors.

The Great Dictator was released in 1937, but the film did not accept that Nazism was as bad as it was in the 1940s. There was a lot of behind-the-scenes work on the camera, but many of the dancers cut the traditional dance floor by the soldiers.

Jack Oakie, the main screenwriter of the film, was well-known in the great Dictator films, but only known as Napoleon. Charlie had spent a lot of time studying the sound of the aircraft, adding to the sound of the airplane, and the pilots of the Great Dictator went to Charlie’s airport to record the sound.

The Great Dictator’s all-pervading room with Hitler’s world-wide room is exactly the same as the one that has been used by Charlie’s Play World ever since 1928. When the Great Dictator was filmed, the main actors, Charlie Chaplin and David Robson, were largely unacceptable to their teachers.

In the movie, some of the storytellers are women, and the two of them play roles in a few scenes. The barber shop in Great Dictator is a slow-paced, slow-paced movie like the silent movie, and takes only 1 second for up to 16 seconds.

If you want to watch this movie, you can search for it by clicking on The Great Dictator on youtube You can see Charlie Speech’s speech in the video below. The draft note is translated by Kyaw Min.