The most famous Spanish queen in the history of the world

People today know that if Castile, the first wife of Castile, was making a large sum of money, Christopher Columbus was able to travel across the Atlantic Ocean for a waterway. In fact, the Queen was a quick and powerful ruler. Millions of people have benefited by contacting us today, not only because of the many important decisions that would have been made in Spain and Latin America many years ago.

The queen’s policy was to work in coordination with Queen Ferdinand, who was as talented and capable as he was. If you are a co-queen, both of your wives deserve to be honored in this book. However, it is important to note that the Queen was the only one who made the important decisions and made the decision.

Now in Castile, Spain. Islamabad was born in Mardigall in 1451. From infancy, I was taught to be religious. I became a Catholic with a deep respect for religion. His cousin Henry’s brother, Henry IV, was the prince of Castile, from 1474 until the abode of the castle.

There was no Spain at that time. Spain is now divided into four countries. Castile was the biggest, According to Arun, the island is northeast of Spain today. And the mountains were covered. Nava will be north. In the late 1460s, Isabella was likely to inherit the Castile throne, so it was considered the richest man in Europe.

So it appears that the prince wants to marry her. His stepfather, Prince Henry, wanted to marry the Portuguese king. But in 1469, Isabella avoided the plan and married Ferdinand, who would have inherited Aragon. Since Islamabad did not follow his plan, Henry decided that only his daughter John would succeed him.

But in 1474, Henry Bartley claimed that he had the right to inherit Castile. John’s supporters were civil war because of hard-fought resistance. In February 1479, the Islamist army won. According to John II, the second king of the Ganges, in the same year, Nirvana became the king of Arakan. From there, Ferdinand and Islamabad could dominate almost all of Spain.

In a sense, it is a country, a land, a land. Is a country of caste. The structure of the government is different. In fact, the queen often decides the matter all the same. They try to do everything they can to keep Spain together. During their twenty-five-year merger, their basic principle was to unite Spain together with the all-powerful King. Their first project was to take over Granada.

In the peninsula, Iberia, is the only Muslim country in Ghana. The war began in 1481. After the 1492 war, Ferdinand and Islamabad won. After the Grenada, they were given control of the Spanish territory today. (The Nazarene was captured by Ferdinand in 1512 after the birth of Isabella de la Barré.) When these two kings began to rule, the Spanish Inquisition began.

A false suppression is a religious court, a court of law, comprised of a lawyer and a police detective, all of whom are lawyers. It was very cruel in the penalty area. It is very well known that the court procedure is very biased and unfairly ridden. There is no hope of being released when accused of being too little. What is the charge against the accused? Even without knowing who the accused was, he was acquitted. If you refuse to say that you are addicted, you are using cruel methods of torture.

It is estimated that at least two thousand people were burned to death during the twenty years following the Spanish Revolution. The punishment did not come until the burning, but the number of victims was more than two thousand burnt and killed. Tomas de Torquemada, the leader of the infamous Spanish dictator, was on the other side. He was the priest who offered Islam to Islam. The Pope was allowed to do this, but the Spanish kings were doing as he pleased. It means the same thing. We are working to crack down on opposition politicians.

In England, emperors could prevent the king from acting as he thought. The Spanish monarchs had once been powerful, but now the king has been using the office as a weapon to subdue them. Thus a centralized and absolute monarchy was established. This was done to control the Spanish monasteries.

The real purpose is to eliminate the fanaticism of Christians, but in practice, nominal converts in the Jewish and Muslim religions, but especially those who are secretly pre-eminent Christians. As a result of the superstitious cynicism, Ferdinand and Isabella urged all Spanish Jews to convert to Christianity, and so on. Or leave the item and sign an order to leave the country within four months.

The deportation for more than 20,000 Spanish Jews was extremely painful. Many die before they reach safety. For Spain, too, the country is the most skilled and skilled craftsman in the country. Best of all! Many of those who make the most of their efforts have lost much of their business. The Granada surrenders to the peace treaty in Spain and allows Muslims to carry out their religious doctrines, but the Spanish government violates the terms of the agreement. The Moors defeated the rebels but failed. In 1502, all Muslims in Spain adopted Christianity; If not, then the Jews of the last ten years, who had come out of the country, were to be chosen, and they had to choose one.

Although Islamabad is strong in Catholic doctrine, it is careful that Spanish nationalism and doctrine remain politically neutral. He and Ferrari ruled the Catholic Church of Spain. Monks try to keep you from ruling. This is probably because of the fact that the sixteenth-century Protestant Reformation could not penetrate Spain. The most prominent issue of Islamophobia was the discovery of the New World in the year of Christopher Columbus, which was described in the year 1492.

The Columbus Foundation is funded. (It is not true that Queen Isabella was paid as much money to earn as much money as Queen Isabella). One son There are four daughters left. His son John died in 1497. Juana is the most prominent of her daughters. Ferdinand and Isabella were the son of the Austrian Hapsburg Emperor Philip I the Handsome. He plans to give Burgundy the land of his birth.

Spain and Spain have been united since the merger of the two kings, and the Spanish border remained intact until five centuries later. The center grew up in the Spanish monarchy, which was perfectly controlled. The expulsion of Moors and Jews caused significant consequences for both the expelled and the expelled. Whether or not you are confident in your beliefs In comparison with the wisdom of Ramah, he acted in a rude manner. I make false claims. As a result, these have had great consequences in Spanish history.

The last point will be discussed. Simply put, the persecution of false religion has been a challenge. Since 1492, centuries ago, Western Europe could not have been Spain, with the benefits of science opening up to the benefits of science. When I talk about the slightest distraction from the specified path, my own instinct for fear of being mistaken for the principle of suppression. In other European countries, the concept of divination was allowed.

In Spain, the practice of false persecution is in line with the old-fashioned Catholicism. By 1700, Spain was in a state of turmoil, much like Western thought. Indeed, Ferdinand and Islamabad have been embarking on a five-hundred-year stalemate of the Spanish dictatorship, which has been abolished for 150 years. However, it has been said that the pain of doing so has not yet recovered.

One more thing. These were colonies of Spain because of the fact that Islamabad did not finance Columbus and South America. This means that organizations, including the Spanish tradition and the persecution of the false, have spread to the Western world. So, in Europe, is it any wonder that in Spain, South America is far more intellectually impaired than in other European colonies?

When considering where to put Islamabad in this book, the first question should be, if this queen had not appeared. Cricket is still active in Spain. Because of the seizure of the Iberian (Portuguese) Portuguese island for 700 years, Muslims took over. After this victory in 1492, I thought again about which way to go. Ferdinand and Islamabad, for example, decided that Spain would not accept the mediation, and instead follow the path of ancient religious ideas. Not only because of the queen, Spain is likely to be a two-way society.

It is natural to compare Islamabad to the first English Elizabeth. Elizabeth is as powerful as Islam. He was kind. It is only patronizing by the policy of tolerance. But in Islam, Islam does not reach Islam. So, there is no such thing as a massacre of Islamophobia. Although some of Islamist policies are disgusting, there is no ruler in power who has been so long in history.

From Dr. Htun Tun’s over 100 books