Opportunity to receive rewards for money transfer

Have you ever been forced to make money from home while traveling to cut down on travel expenses? The bank closed, but the bank closed. Have you ever experienced a down payment on an ATM? These are common problems. In this situation, mobile money, called Mobile Money, can solve the problems you face. There are many businesses in our country that can provide such services.

There is also a money transfer service that allows you to bet on your cash rewards. This is MytelPay, which always brings great, always-on benefits to customers. The lucky draw is the “Rainfall Bonus” program. Every lucky winner will receive a code for a lucky draw and every lucky winner will be announced every Wednesday through the MytelPay Facebook Page.

So what are the rewards:

There are two types of rewards: weekly and monthly. The weekly prizes will be one hundred thousand kyats for first prize. Every second prize will be awarded 100 lakh kyats and 3 lakh kyats 6000 prizes every Wednesday. Even if you don’t get weekly rewards, you can also earn a special bonus, which will be added to the monthly bonus of up to K100,000 per month, as well as for those lucky winners who can transfer their money to MytelPay E-money Balance.

MytelPay can be used on any mobile network and it is already connected to more than 20,000 agents. You can fill in all the operator’s phone numbers and, later, the billing process. iTunes Gift Cards You also need to buy a game card, which will be a useful money transfer service for all.

This link is a link to the MytelPay Official Facebook Page, which will announce the winners of each week’s raffle prizes. Lucky time also runs from September 1, to November 30, 2019, and all are lucky enough to transfer money with MytelPay.