Demonstrations around the world

Historically, the oppressed class used to root out their grievances, They protested to make demands. Every democratic country is given eight guarantees, which include freedom of expression. In today’s world, there are a lot of demonstrations. The riots in Hong Kong have lasted for more than five months, with riots in various parts of the world.

The riots in Hong Kong have begun in Hong Kong, starting with a proposal for a suspicious transfer. A young man living in Hong Kong has been accused of killing his pregnant girlfriend and running back to Hong Kong while on vacation to Taiwan. China has asked him to hand him over, but there is no suspicion agreement between him and Hong Kong.

In that case, Hong Kong officials have submitted a bill to parliament to sign a deal to send suspected suspects to mainland China. The bill has sparked protests over concerns that Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protesters will be handed over to the mainland. Protests against the bill propose would later lead to more democracy and more democracy. Investigation into police abuses during the demonstration; It has been transformed into a demand for resignation, calamity, and resignation.

Later, Hong Kong’s leader, Kremlin, officially rescinded the bill, but the protests have not ended. When I was transferred from Britain to Hong Kong in 1997: China has promised a “two-pronged system” that will allow for freedom in the mainland. But the fear of democracy being undermined in Hong Kong has made Hong Kong people uneasy.

The protests began in the wake of protests that brought Boilng Point to protests around the world. If a stone is broken into 1000 pieces, it must take into account the impact of not only the 1000th mass, but also the impact of the 999 points that came forward. Chile protests This is also seen in the Lebanon protests.

The uprising began in the capital, Santiago, Chile, as a result of the uprising, which caused the subway fares to escalate, causing the suspension of the subway. The protests took place on Friday, with an estimated 1.2 million people taking part in the largest protests in Chile.

Chile is rich in Latin America, but class inequality is a thorn in the heart of the people. That’s why demonstrations have started to improve public health services, including public transport. Increased pension benefits; Demands for income inequality have emerged. Chile’s President Sebastian Perez announced reforms, but the protests have not eased. In the end, Punera had to resign the entire cabinet and prepare to form a new cabinet. It is not yet clear what form the new government will form. At least 17 people were killed and hundreds were injured in a Chilean protest that lasted more than a week.

The uprising in Lebanon began with Whatsapp’s Internet tax collection program. But residents have been protesting against the economic downturn since the tax reform program. In that case, the taxation plan of the Internet was set ablaze. The unrest was sparked by security forces tearing down protesters with tear gas.

Lebanon’s capital is still one of the world’s most debt-free countries, despite the heavy investment in Lebanon. Protesters accuse political leaders of corruption in Lebanon of corruption. The Lebanese government has suspended its tariff plan for Internet calls, but protests have continued for 12 days. On the 11th day, tens of thousands of protesters joined hands from the northern city of Tripoli to the southern city of Tirri.

Protests have erupted again in the Catalan capital, which wants to split from Spain. The protests came after the Supreme Court of Spain sentenced nine separatists to jail for holding a referendum on secession in the Catalan country. Located in northeastern Spain, Spain is a self-governing region with its own culture, culture, and culture. You have your own language. The Catalan region accounts for 2% of Spain’s net production and contributes to 19% of the Spanish economy. It is one of the 17 wealthiest regions in Spain and one of the most important pillars in Spain’s economy.

Though the party won the independence referendum in 2017, the Spanish central government declared that the referendum was illegal and arrested the separatists. Disappointment by the Spanish government, which has taken away its independence and temporarily derailed by direct rule, has once again erupted with the imprisonment of nine leaders. Protesters protested in central Barcelona for protesting against leaders being jailed, organizers said. The police, however, said there were only 80,000 protesters.

The weather strike, attended by more than six million people worldwide. Indonesia protests over marriage ban on unmarried people Food; Protests in President Haven Menendez’s resignation in Haiti amid a fuel and energy shortage have ebbed. Peaceful and independent self-expression is the essence of democracy, but as in “rice rat noodles”, nonviolent dissidents, acts of violence, and other forms of violence. The tricks of the political elite The loss of life as a result of the authorities’ use of force can be traumatic.