Brazilian boy in oil tanked for emphasis on cleanliness of beaches

The image of a Brazilian boy quickly spread from the waist of a seawater to the coast of Brazil, contaminated by petrol, was quickly spread.

Brazil, Pernambuco, Brazil Cabo de Santo Agostinho region It has been two months since the coast of Itapuama has been contaminated by diesel fuel. Everton Miguel dos Anjos, a thirteen-year-old boy Four of his brothers and all of his other cousins, along with hundreds of other volunteers, cleaned the oil on the beach and extracted oil from the rocks on the shore.

He was initially wearing a T-shirt and went down to the sea and began cleaning. Then he said he was wearing a plastic garbage bag and kept moving. The photos of the boy were published worldwide and after the mother found the photo, her mother told the photographer that she was fat.

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