If you eat three apples a day

If you eat three servings of fruit a day, the following benefits are good for your health.

Reduces the risk of colon cancer

According to a study by the Food and Nutrition Research Institute, daily consumption of pumpkin fruit increases the beneficial bacteria in the intestine and blocks cancer-causing cells.

High immunity

In the papaya, it is a natural source of sugar, sugar, and almonds. It is naturally present in the body because it contains glucose and fruit juice. Unlike other energy-packed juices, plums are a source of fiber, fiber, and fiber. Potassium Containing magnesium and many vitamins, it improves the immune system quickly and effectively.

Good digestion rate

For those who want a good digestive system, it is especially advisable to eat a special apple. If you eat a cup of coconut, you will get about 12 grams of fiber. Regular consumption of fiber in the day can prevent constipation.