Sudden stroke during toilet

Sudden stroke during toilet

You may have heard it. It is as if someone in your neighborhood suddenly had a stroke. She died from a toilet accident and died suddenly.

In fact, the researchers found that the risk of stroke was higher depending on the type of toilet. Also, doctors in India have found that one-third of deaths due to a stroke are caused by dizziness and toilet.

Recently, doctors in the UK found that more than half of the cases occurred between 5am and 9am, with more than half of them being stroke-proof.

Weight loss Instead of sitting down, squatting can increase blood pressure. This is due to the fact that people with high blood pressure are suffering from high blood pressure.

– Everyone is not allowed to sit in the toilet because of the stress, but people with hypertension are prohibited.

So, when you also have people with hypertension going to the toilet, do you recommend passing on a toilet or toilet seat?