Good news for stroke patients. Apply for a stroke.

Apply for a stroke

Stroke is common. It is common in men over 40. His wife is 66 years old. It’s healthy and healthy. But this year, the sun went down and the sun went down. If you go out in the crowd, you will get dizzy, dizzy and tired. I have a headache. Sometimes I go to a neighbor’s teacher and take a blood test. There are about 170-80. He didn’t pay attention, “Nothing.”

At 12:00 pm on the night of 9:00 pm, the author was in a coma and went to hospital. There appears to be oxygen inhalation. It is an eight-mile drive to Taunggyi, a town about 8 miles away. It was a very cool night. The wife does not have a dress shirt on. While the driver was in the middle of the road, his wife was in a bad mood, and his wife had high blood pressure and vomited.

Half of the body was left in the hospital bed; The stroke is over. Those who sent the letter to the hospital were sent to the doctor and to the hospital. When the teacher was given the oxygen and he was given oxygen, he was shown to the hospital emergency room. Doctors prescribe medicine, Immunizations are treated promptly. In the hospital, he may be paralyzed by day and night and is fine. It is known that the benefits of treating stroke immediately.

But the left arm is leaning. After 7 days, you will be seen by a specialist in Yangon (…) clinic. He returned home for eight months for various drugs and returned home. The hand is still slippery. Home remedies During the break, a friend of mine, U Win (retired), came in and asked.

U Win has been a co-writer since the beginning of his training as a writer and teacher. He is a young man now retired. General knowledge of all things except marriage. So we talked about stroke. He points out that in every body, there is gold, iron, and iron. If you need money, you need to be treated for gold. Therefore, a stroke can lead to foot, bone and blood pressure. It was rubbed repeatedly in the palm of the hand.

The method was adopted because it was read in a book some 30 years ago. A 60-year-old man himself has been treated for a stroke. The paralyzed man was no longer able to move his limbs. The baby’s eyes never went away. While this is the case, both legs are rubbed with copper. After a 45-minute fight, the head shook. He continued to brush and soon realized that he was a human and had to sit in his chair. He continued to rub his cheeks and soon had to give him something to eat.

Then he could walk and become like a good man. He is now 80 years old and healthy. Also, use a stroke survivor. About four patients were treated. It is said that rubbing with a copper foot requires only a few feet of the geologic foot. He also suggested that the wife should be treated for a wrist fracture.

I would like to express my thanks to U Win Nyein, a resident of Nyaung Pin Hla village near Taunggyi town for treatment and treatment.