History of bird nests Usefulness and Health

History of bird nests Usefulness and Health

One of the most valuable medicinal bird ants, a valuable medicinal herb for human health. Sparrows Birds are also available. In Myanmar, bird nests are usually obtained from biological birds. The bird’s nest, which is found in the dolphin’s nest, is found in caves in the Myeik Archipelago in Tanintharyi Region.

Bats are a great source of leaf, leaf and other birds. Instead of littering and nesting, we dig out and build a nest. When nesting, it is usually done by the male eagle, and when the end of the reproductive season, the male eagle chooses the nest site, and when the nest is found, it removes the sediment. Acid, which is vomited from the male eagle, is exposed to air and then becomes dry for a while.

Before such a drought, the male eagle mimics the shape of a beak and nest. If it is not enough, then vomit again. And when this is done, it will get enough nesting eggs for the female eagle and the egg. Usually, eagles often nest in high places that are hard to reach, such as the rocky walls of rocky cliffs on the islets that are nearly deserted by the people.

Therefore, in the past, bird nests were available in exchange for their desired nesting material from sea turtle mackerel, which fished in the sea. The seagull is called a lizard. When the baby is an adult, the bird or the hunter or the bird’s nest swim in the rocky caves surrounding the nest. Once inside the caves, the walls of the caves are strapped tightly to reach the bird’s nest. To find a cohesive team in natural bird nesting; We need to help one another.

Later, some houses in Myeik have been left unoccupied and a small machine made of fake bird sounds hangs on the walls of the houses. By doing so, they attract the birds of prey. Bats are also home to machines that have been spooked by the seduction of artificial sounds. Buildings are actually nesting. So the nesting bird can easily be left behind when the nest leaves its nest as adults.

But human greed is not easy to kill. Bird market is very good and demand is high because of the demand for bird nests. When some nesters scavenge for nesting birds, some nesters abandon their nests as adults, not only to find the nesting nest but also to build a nest of nesting eagles and not yet nest eggs. Eggs and eggs have not yet been harvested. They also hunt and find nests of young birds, even young birds. In the long run, this may be the case for the biofilms. For this reason, the Department of Forestry, which oversees bird nesting sites in Myanmar, issues annual birding licenses and issues laws as necessary and protects them from predators.

The demand and value of the valuable bird nest; The following are some helpful tips:

Bird nests are rich in protein and are rich in nutrients. The immune system works well, keeps the body healthy and gives birth to colds, nausea and vomiting. It protects against getting sick. It also helps the skin. It brightens the skin and slows aging.

It can ease tiredness and relieve stress. Hard work It also replenishes the energy that is exhausted through stress. If you lose appetite, it can restore appetite. If you have a fever in your chest, you may be able to calm down by eating bird nests. Surgical patients; It also causes sick people to recover quickly. Sialic acid in bird nests helps maintain good nerve and brain function and memory.

In traditional Chinese medicine, it is said that bird nests can be purified by the fact that bird’s nests can be purified by blood and breathing. In summary, the ability of the bird’s nest to replenish the power of the lost. Alleviate fatigue; The benefits of a healthy and healthy skin, toning, toning, and rejuvenation.