Friendship of two world-famous actors who impress social network users

Two of the most celebrated actors, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan, have been featured in action films for more than four decades. Of the two princes, Arnold is 72 and Jackie Chan is 65. Although they are older, they are still able to play in action movies. The two previously starred in 2004’s “Around the World in 80 Days,” and most recently starred in “Journey To China: The Mystery Of Iron Mask”.

The two of them are said to have become closer to each other in the same roles. Last Sunday, Prince Arnold shared a picture of how close he was to Jackie Chan in his Institutional Grammy. “When I came back from the Temminator darkfate world tour, my old friend and I came back.” “It’s nice to meet my hero.”

Prince Jackie Chan also looks at the picture as an excerpt: “My old friend, my friend. “It’s a great pleasure to meet the heroines.” The two users saw the picture and liked both of them and the two heroines in the same image. Since my childhood, two of my iodas, Congratulations! They are also said to be loving.

It is not known where Arnold and Jackie Chan’s photos were taken. However, Jackie Chan came to Los Angeles on Friday to attend the 2019 Britannia Awards (BEFTA), and received the Albert R.Broccoli Britannia Award for delivering live performances to the world. It is possible that the two met when they came there.

Currently, Prince Arnold is busy working on the film “Teminator”, which will premiere on October 31st, and Jackie Chan is working on a new film as well.

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