The prime minister did not want the whole ship to be corrupted

(1) In the past few days, we have seen pictures of the ceremony of the Aye Zaw Thu and Ari-Zaw festivals throughout Myanmar, along with social events. Thank you very much. Buddhists are highly respected by the Buddhist monk, who is regarded as one of the most revered Buddhist gods. You may not know what to do. Of course, it is a relief when you see these types of abusive behavior when you are physically abusive to your child’s teacher. Particularly, the recklessness of an elder who holds the prime minister’s position. A sneak peek of the words and the gossip on social media As a result, comparing the scenes with the story of the Master of Assyria came as a result.

(2) The moon is full. I would like to share a small Ariyatur festival in a rural village in Abuja which is a self-contained day. There was a tradition in the village that there was a tradition of commemorating teachers in the village in the village, since the time we were in school when we were in school. But in time, alumni who left the school classroom and went into the workforce. Former students from their former teachers; There has never been a tradition of remembrance of former teachers.

At this time of year, at least 15 years older than me, 20 year old distant brother, The younger sisters returned to their village and retired from the village. We plan to honor the teachers. Even younger people than you have been a teacher for over a decade. As a teacher, I am now a part-time teacher while teaching the children at the Prasathera School, as I am now part of the Ariyatho school.

(3) It is the tradition of the Ariyat Zaat. The students were the teachers. When they offered the teachers, they begged for forgiveness for their sins. The teacher, who came to the teacher’s happy hour The teachers are also very forgiving. When you give out prizes, say the memo. Here are all of the teacher / အမှတ်တရစကား hot Pension ဆရာမကြီး’s often all disciples iris was wet with tears. Since last around 198 green and white dress and wearing many disciples He taught school classroom teacher was very proud of my work Who was awake, he said, the size of its own. Pension awake precious years of life during which green and white school uniform wearing a bow and get to know what I was told, The teacher confessed that the school uniform was traumatized by the thought that it was no longer relevant to him.

‘The teacher is thinking. When I became a pensioner, this little white gown no longer belonged to me. He thought that the house would be folded into a box and locked. Today, sons who were once disciples of Jesus, Our old students do not forget the old teachers like our teachers. It was a pleasure to be in the hospital for such a teacher’s celebration. It was exciting. In fact, I have been holding back since I received the invitation to ‘Arrive in the Zodiac.’ Today, I am back in my white and green dress. Does this little suit still apply to me? I was just wondering if there was still value … ‘. Get back out! When we heard the words of the teacher and wiped away the tears, we all could not stay in the chapel. Both the teachers and the students were truly remembered with tears.

(4) Young people who are grateful for the teachers are also planning to go to the teachers who are not attending the event for various reasons, and one of the distant teachers did not attend the training. For this, the children are waiting in the middle of the path to the Teacher’s Training Course. After arriving at a bus stop on the Yangon-Pyay highway, the teacher left the bus. The students were ready to greet the teacher on the side of the road. Seeing a picture of understanding can be pleasing to the eyes of the viewer. How happy are the teachers in their hearts!

(5) I would like to present the main points about the Ariyatur ceremony. Do not treat your teacher with respect and respect. On the other hand, there are some people who make fun of cars, and on the other hand, they know the merits of the Buddhist scholars. Remembering young people, There is still a lot of disciples. If you take a high position, do not criticize the consequences of a particular word. All know that the words of an unmistakable minister have been painful for the entire teacher community.

But the answer, on the other hand, is not just people like our Prime Minister in our Myanmar society who know the value and respect who is worthy of respect. From their early childhood to the age of college, they began teaching and teaching. Young students who remember the virtues of teachers, educators and educators. No doubt many students belong to this entire nation in this community. There are many places along the way. The teachers who have been sucking milk from various fields Seer He knows the merits of the teachers. The donors are also sure, ‘The whole boat was rotten by a fish.’ In the note, I would like to inform the teachers across the country, ‘No Prime Minister wants the whole ship to be rotten.’